Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Water, water, water everywhere!!!!

We had an awful tragedy at our house last night. Our washing machine which has been broken was finally “fixed” yesterday and I put in my first load last night. I put in the load of laundry then decided to ride my exercise bike which was in the room next to the laundry room for 30 minutes. When I got off I was sloshing in inch thick water in the carpet. The kitchen and laundry room were 2 inches high with water. It was awful! You know there are always two sides to every story. Also, I believe that a spoonful of Sugar helps the Medicine go down. So here it is the sugar and medicine.

Our house was flooded.
Sugar: It wasn’t TOILET water. Yuk.

Medicine: It happened at night, 9:45pm.
Sugar: It happened before Lowe’s closed.

Water all over the Kitchen, Laundry Room, Family Room and Office.
Sugar: I got the new “Wet/Dry ShopVac” I’ve always wanted.

Medicine: It was a 5 man clean-up job.
Sugar: Molly & Scott were there to help with the clean-up.

Medicine: The SEARS Kenmore Brand Washer is the reason for the flood.
Sugar: The washer is under warranty and SEARS said they will make it all better.

Medicine: The washer will be out of commission a couple more days.
Sugar: The dryer works fine.

Medicine: Both Brenda and I received & ignored promptings that we should check on the washer.
Sugar: We both received promptings.

You can donate to the Fox Creek Flood Relief by clicking below.


Memzy said...

Your paypall is broked. I was gonna donate $1000. Oh well.

Emily said...

that sucks! Hope the .50 cents helps!

Amanda said...

Poor Timmy! That happened to us also when we first moved into this house. Major bummer.

Elizabeth Waite said...

Poor Baby! That was the most heart renching story and I tried desperately to give to the flood fund, but I don't think it worked. Good luck with the aftermath!

Andrew Waite said...

don't spend that 47 cents all in one place!

TimW8 said...

Thanks to Emily Matson and Andy for your generous donations. Every penny counts. And I believe in Karma.

To the rest of you guys...thanks for all the help over the years.

abutler said...

Medicne: I'm Sorry!
Sugar: You made me pee my pants.

kiahnaw said...

This is something I would definitely consider scrapworthy!

Memzy said...

I just come back here to listen to that song.

molly said...

Yes we were there to help.anytime big bwuver!