Friday, October 19, 2007


As many of you guys know I am on Weight Watchers. This is my 7th week. That's commitment! I know. So far I've lost 20 lbs. Whoopee. Today I weighed in after a very indulgent long birthday weekend in Utah. I was hoping to only have gained 1 pound. To my surprise I actually lost weight. I lost 0.6 lbs to be exact. How much is that exactly you ask. It's as much as a Muttaqin Baby. Check it out.

Asian Mad Sky
Model: Sold Out.
Price: $27.00
Weight: 0.6lbs
Date Added: Tuesday 02 October, 2007

Cute I know...Sold out too Bad (sad face)


Memzy said...

I have one of those. But in purple, fer duh. If you wanna borrow let me know.

Amanda said...

It's like you gave birth and lost that weight! Good job Tim. I am so impressed and proud! I just got back from Utah and only managed to gain 2 lbs which is like a record. I usually gain at least 5 just from traveling. 20 lbs is a lot of weight to lose. Congrats!!!!

Emily said...

Good job on your weight loss!!! What is that a picture of though?? I'm so confused.