Thursday, November 1, 2007

Waite Family Reunion Shirt Contest

I am proud to introduce the 1st annual Waite Reunion T-Shirt Design contest.

Here's how this is gonna work. ANYONE can participate. Design a shirt send me your designs in a digital format (300 dpi. min. - jpeg, tiff, giff, pdf, bmp).

Idea: you can make it a FHE activity where your kids draw their ideas then you scan them and send them to me.

I'll collect all the ideas and we all vote for the winner. The winner gets their design on the shirts for that year.

Sound good? get to it!


Emily said...

Sweet! Do we have a time limit? I need some time!!

TimW8 said...

If we could have all the submissions by Turkey Day, that would be Saweet. K?

Amanda said...

Great idea Tim! I've asked my kids to get to work on it.

abutler said...

Great idea. We'll get to thinking.

Rod said...

My vote is a shirt that simply says "We're kind of a 'big deal' around here." Then somewhere on the shirt it says Waite Reunion 2007.