Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Oh! You're the Cripple!"

Today we went to church in our new ward for the first time. Good ole 2nd Ward. You guys remember how much fun 2nd ward was right? Even Brenda's familiar with some of the members because they're from the old Stockdale Ward. For the last month or so Brenda has been walking into church with my help. It has surprised some people who have not been kept up to date on Brenda's improvement. The best renuion happened after church when we were walking out to our car. Sister Jorgenson who was sitting in Bishop Davis' car stopped us and asked our names. I said, We're the Waite's." She asked which Waite do you belong to. I said, "My dad is Greg Waite." Then she asked what's your wife's name (meaning maiden name) I said, "She's a Sanchez." Then sister Davis leaned over to Sister Jorgenson and said, "She's Marilyn's daughter." They knew the Sanchez' from Stockdale Ward. Then sister Jorgenson said with a surprised look on her face, "Oh! You're the Cripple! I didn't recognize you." We smiled. "Yep."
We talked about it on the way home and laughed because I guess that's how "Old Timers" talk.
BTW, Brenda's not the cripple anymore. Here she is STANDING outside our house. Halleluia. (Big Smile)


abutler said...

Are you sure you just didn't prop her up against the garage door? Just kidding! Gotta love the Old Timers. Miss those guys. You look beautiful Brenda, and Toby you don't look so bad yourself. Love you guys.

Emily said...

Old people crack me up. I'm glad you guys didn't let it offend you too much. Brenda, you DO look beautiful!! Hey Tim, post pictures of your new house!

engineerattorneyrocknrollerguy said...

Here's something old people would say back: "Yep. And you're the blind lady with a big yap and no filter upstairs. We've met."

By the way, I showed up here anxiously looking for the piece of meat you cooked between your legs (via Sherod's blog), but I can't find it.

... doesn't sound very good now that I think about it. I'll pass.

Andrew Waite said...

"hows 'bout we go on down to the ol service station and buy us a nice warm soda pop from the negro feller." you gotta love how old timers talk... didn't that ward used to be called the geriatric ward?

Amanda said...

I love all your comments! I needed a laugh. Thanks!

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