Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dedicated to our life saver

This post is really late but here it is.
Let me introduce you to our family's favorite person. This is Amie Timpson. She enjoys barefoot walks in the rain, watching snow fall and loves being a mom.
She's been living with us since December and is the one who keeps our house running. She doesn't like the title nanny. That's not good enough anyway. Supernanny is more like it. I call her "authorized user"; it's an inside joke. She's more like the house manager. She's a gourmet chef, super with Jesse and takes such good care of Brenda.
Brenda tells me almost everyday how lucky we are to have her with us. I could go on and on how much we appreciate her but it wouldn't be enough. People who know she's living with us always ask, "so how's it going?" We always say good, but what we really want to say is it's never been better. She has a 5 year old daughter who loves Jesse to death and is such a good helper.
Well anyway, if you bump into her on the street or in the store or online go ahead and thank her for us. If you're on facebook add her as a friend. If you know any prince charmings hook her up. She's single and looking for a good man. Only the engagement has to be long enough for us to find someone to replace her which may be indefinately.
Anyway just had to let you guys know about our bestest friend Amie. Thanks for doing such a good job Amie!


ManicMandee said...

I think Amie is a saint and I am grateful to her too. When we were there in November she really impressed me.

Hot Pants said...

What a lucky find, for both you and her!

Emily said...

Amie is a Saint but so are you and Bren. I'm so happy it's worked out so well. I can't wait to meet my nephew! See ya tomorrow.

Memzy said...

Match made in heaven.