Thursday, February 12, 2009

David Osmond


ManicMandee said...

Did they really air that on TV?

I bet Jericho Road and Sons of Provo are insanely jealous.
That was some minus track he was singing to!

Jenny ESP said...

How'd he get that gig? Hmmm... He's handscum, just like uncle Donny. His uncle Donny, not mine.

markbailey said...

Jenny, did you just dis your Uncle Donnie?
Anyway, it was a travesty that he got cut. A TRAVESTY.
He's got the looks, and the talent to be a star. They didn't even show his Hollywood week performance. They only showed him getting cut. I think it was a conspiracy. They didn't want America to know that he didn't deserve to get cut and just figured if they didn't show his performance we'd assume he messed up.

Memzy said...

He's cute and he CAN sing. But something about him bugs. I can't put my finger on it.

Hot Pants said...

A conspiracy against the mormons fer shizzle.
Memzy, I think it is the slight mullet he's sportin'.
And Mark, we have no Uncle Donnie, just an Uncle Hat.

TimW8 said...

For anyone interested...I was totally bummed that the Osmond got booted then I read his blog and found out why. Here's a link if you're interested.
The short version: he choked literally.

Laura said...

Like David said"everything happens for a reason".I too, was looking forward to watching him on American Idol. He really has a good voice and I know he'll go on to bigger and better things.