Friday, December 7, 2007

Flying Under the RADAR

As many of my loyal bloggers have noticed I've been flying under the RADAR or as I like to say "Off the Grid" for the last week or so. That's right no cell phone, email, Internet & no plastic in my wallet...come to think of it, no wallet or even shoe laces. I was figuratively flying by the seat of my pants...under the RADAR of course.
The good news is I'm back on track and on the grid with almost all my tools including my PC, Cell Phone, Laptop, e-mail and my "Beautiful Co-Pilot" who stood by thru this entire trial by fire. She's my "Guardian Angel." I would also be totally ungrateful if I didn't thank my Mom & Dad for their continued support and encouragement! I would also like to thank all my Bro's & Sisses and Nieces & Nephews for all the prayers and kind thoughts. I love you guys a ton.
G-Ma & G-Pa Waite stop by sometime and check out my little piece of paradise in my B-Yard.

Love You All,


Amanda said...

Tim! I miss you and love you!

Amy Thurston said...

I try to keep plastic things out of my wallet too. It can be painfull, especially since my wallet is my back pocket. Glad to see you're back! Maybe you should post some pictures of your piece of paradise.

sarastrasser said...

Welcome back. I'd like to see the paradise too.

Vegas Family said...

Glad you're back. Look forward to more frequent postings on your blog. Oh....if I arrive at the theatre first I have to admitt I am a "picker". I am working on it.

ajesplin said...

Love your "under the radar" strategy. Works every time on Survivor. In case you missed it, I dedicated last week's FHVD clip to you and Anna. Be sure to check it out.