Monday, December 17, 2007

BUSTED!!! Smoke Ganja Lose Your Video Game!!

I love this story!!! If my friend's parents did this when I was a young ATARI playin' then "old school" Nintendo playin' PUNK "my friends" would have got NOTHING for Christmas.

Good Santa...Naughty Boy get no luv and no TOY!!!!

Just Say No Way!!!


Emily said...

Wow. Don't let any of Scott's friends hear about this.

Emily said...

Oh, maybe that was a bit harsh. I was joking (sort of).

Memzy said...


Katie or Tom said...

TIT(this is tom)I caught my kids doing an eight ball of coke and some whipit's and all I did was take away their fish crackers for a day. That's parenting, bad kids! bad kids! then I beat my wife.

IndianaAdame said...

Hahaha, wow, that is beautiful.
That made me laugh.

Hello :]