Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Movie Review: Tim reviews Dan in Real Life

I am the first one to admit that some of the movies I have recommended in the past ended up only being funny to "moi". But, you know there's a big BUTT coming, I mean BUT coming; I am going to recommend this movie for one reason only.

Are you curious what that reason is?

Hold your horses Tonto, it's coming. This movie was funny enough for a guy not to get bored by stupid dialog and it was "chick-flicky" enough that Brenda's eye's started sweating. So there you have it it's the perfect "guy-funny" and "chick-flick" HYBRID! There I said it now leave me alone, OK?

Spoiler there is even a "built-in pee-break!" If you go see the movie which is PG-13 by the way you can avoid the "13" part of the movie by doing what I did. There's a scene where "Dan" who's in love with his brother's girl friend and he finally decides to confront her about it. He goes into the bathroom so they can talk in private. That's your cue to get up stretch your legs and run to the bathroom because you only have about 2.5 minutes to get back and the only thing you would have missed is how "Dan" escapes from the bathroom without being caught by his family and the "13" part after that where his brother gives him some advice on how to release his pent up sexual frustration. If that one scene was left out "G" or "PG" FOR SURE.

That's why I give this movie the prestigious rating of 4 out of 5 on my finger scale. That's all fingers minus the middle.


To my Bros and Sises the movie takes place at a family reunion and the family plays all sorts of fun games. If you go see this you'll get some ideas for our up-coming Reunion.


Shed said...

The "4 out of 5 finger" graphic should be rated "R". That's disturbing.

Memzy said...

But is it any more disturbing than a wet crotch, tho?

I heart me some Steve Carell

TimW8 said...

Hey!! I had to pay Uncle Paul $5 bucks to take a picture of his left hand.
So there!!
I bet you feel bad now "Shed", don't you?
Just be glad I don't give you the 1 finger rating, cuz you know which one I would use!

SamtheWaite said...

hey tim, check out my blog

ajesplin said...

I loved this movie! Because of the racy shower scene with "Micheal Scott" and his wet washcloth, I would have to give it 5 out 5 fingers.

Vegas Family said...

Hey there. Just found all the family blogs. Had great laughs reading yours. You have great comedic talent! I do have to say this movie was great. Really enjoyed it.
Hope you and Brenda both had a wonderful Thanksgiving.