Friday, January 16, 2009

Jesse making the international sign for call me

We took our 8 day old baby to the Dr and he had gained almost a whole
pound. He's getting so big. Now he's using gestures to communicate
like this "call me" sign. Usually the thumb goes a little closer to
the ear but he's driving and doesn't want to get in trouble for
talking and driving at the same time.


ManicMandee said...

I'll be calling him for sure. Thanks Jesse for the message! Super cute.

LISA said...

Wow! That's one smart kid! When did he get his license? Don't tell my Justin, he just failed his driving test the other day and he's 18. Could Jesse give him some lessons?

Emily said...

He's already gained a pound?! AND, he's learned to talk on the phone?


Vegas Family said...

What a bright and cute little guy.

Memzy said...

Total law abiding baby citizen.