Friday, April 18, 2008

Calling All Elton John Fans

A while back I got this great idea to buy these Elton John tickets and sell them for a profit. It turns out there are more people who think they could make a profit from Elton John tickets than actual fans who are willing to pay more than face value. I bought 6 tickets thinking I would make anywhere from $50 to $400 profit. The tickets cost me $100 each and here it is the day of the concert and I'm stuck with them and all my friends and family have abandoned me to try and scalp them at the concert.

"That's what you get." Brenda said, "Never again!"

OK, so if I don't sell them I'm picking up 5 homeless friends and we're gonna sing "Sad Songs" together.


Amanda said...

Don't go breakin my heart! You should of given me more notice. I am a HUGE Elton John fan. Well, not really. That stinks. Good luck with it. At least it got you to put a post on your blog. That made me feel better.

Emily said...

Is big brother back??!! I've missed you so bad!! Can't wait to see you in a month. Keep up the posts...please? For me?

abutler said...

Man I wish I could have been the homeless lady you picked up for the concert. I really do LOVE Elton John. So, how was the concert?

Amy Thurston said...

You should have told your Uncle Gus. He's a closet fan, but I am sure he would have come out for the concert.