Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Water, water, water everywhere!!!!

We had an awful tragedy at our house last night. Our washing machine which has been broken was finally “fixed” yesterday and I put in my first load last night. I put in the load of laundry then decided to ride my exercise bike which was in the room next to the laundry room for 30 minutes. When I got off I was sloshing in inch thick water in the carpet. The kitchen and laundry room were 2 inches high with water. It was awful! You know there are always two sides to every story. Also, I believe that a spoonful of Sugar helps the Medicine go down. So here it is the sugar and medicine.

Our house was flooded.
Sugar: It wasn’t TOILET water. Yuk.

Medicine: It happened at night, 9:45pm.
Sugar: It happened before Lowe’s closed.

Water all over the Kitchen, Laundry Room, Family Room and Office.
Sugar: I got the new “Wet/Dry ShopVac” I’ve always wanted.

Medicine: It was a 5 man clean-up job.
Sugar: Molly & Scott were there to help with the clean-up.

Medicine: The SEARS Kenmore Brand Washer is the reason for the flood.
Sugar: The washer is under warranty and SEARS said they will make it all better.

Medicine: The washer will be out of commission a couple more days.
Sugar: The dryer works fine.

Medicine: Both Brenda and I received & ignored promptings that we should check on the washer.
Sugar: We both received promptings.

You can donate to the Fox Creek Flood Relief by clicking below.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Joey Smashes Kobayashi's Record!!

As many of you know I am a BIG fan of Competitive Eating. I am a member of the IFOCE (International Federation of Competitve Eating).
This weekend was the World Krystal Burgers Eating Championship in Chattanooga. Takeru Kobayashi held the world record for eating 97 burgers in 8 minutes. Joey Chestnut came into the competition ranked #1 in the world with #2 ranked Patrick Bertoletti nipping at his heels. A couple weeks ago Patrick beat Joey in the World Buffalo Wing eating competition where he ate more than 4 pounds of Wings in 10 minutes. Sunday Joey Smashed Kobayashi's Krystal Record by downing 103 Burgers in 8 minutes.

Here is a picture of Patrick Bertoletti (#2), Me & Joey Chestnut(#1) from The World Rib Eating competition where I competed aginst them. I ate almost 2 pounds of rib meat in 12 minutes. Joey ate 7 pounds by the way, that's why he's #1.

At that same Rib eating competition Rich "the locust" Le Fevre (#8) broke his front tooth during the competition and swallowed it and kept going to eat over 5 pounds of meat. Here's a picture with Rich and me BEFORE he lost his front tooth.

Nice Smile Rich!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've been Tagged...Fiddle Sticks

So I guess the way this works is like a twisted form of Electronic Chain Letter. I have to post 6 Random Facts About me then "TAG" 6 other people with Blogs (small gag) and make them do the same thing.

Random Facts

1-I hate Chain Letters especially the Electronic kind where there is a threat involved like...if you don't forward this e-mail to 6 people you'll have 7 years bad luck.

2-I have only thrown up ONCE in the last 16 Years. I hate throwing up.

3-I HATE cottage cheese. (curdled milk??? Big Gag. But not enough for anything to come up.)

4-I used to think Blogging was for Homo's or do I say Gayish, gaylicous, gayfaboulous. Maybe I'm just a HomoPhobe...No I'm NOT. I love Gay people. Please don't leave negative comments, especially you Sherod.*** Random fact: the word BLOG is a portmanteau. A portmanteau (IPA: /pɔrtˈmæntoʊ/) is a word or morpheme that fuses two or more words or word parts to give a combined or loaded meaning. (eg. homophobe, bloghater, etc.)

5- I've accidentally French Kissed my dog before. (gag. I know.)

6-I once got caught wearing my sister's underwear. (sorry Anna)

Ok here's the fun part I am tagging 6 Random People I don't even know. I know, I love taking risks.

I tag:

1. Newt from Minnesota
2.Mrs. Lafoon from Roswell Georgia.
3.Tall Penguin from Canada.
4.Fox Head from Wisconsin.
5.The Church Lady
6.Faces of Greif from Iraq.

I know most of these people are female. This is random and FABULOUS!

Ok NO 7 years of bad luck for me.

Trunk or Treat

Well, tonight I finally had a reason to clean out my trunk. Our ward had our annual Trunk or Treat. Brenda and I dressed up in our Japanese outfits and we decorated our trunk with Japanese stuff and cranked Japanese Music. Our display was the best. Plus, I gave away fistfulls of candy to each kid in our ward.
I can't wait to have kids of our own we can dress up and send out to collect candy for US from other Suckers like us. Gotta make sure there's no razorblades in the Laffy Taffy.
Good Times!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy B-Day Blythe! Thanks for calling meYOUR Favorite


Brenda and I really enjoyed seeing you when we were there. Thanks for calling me your favorite uncle. I'm fatter, I mean Flattered. I hope you had a nice birthday and Santa Clause, I mean the Easter Bunny or is it the Tooth Fairy got you just what you wanted.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Oh! You're the Cripple!"

Today we went to church in our new ward for the first time. Good ole 2nd Ward. You guys remember how much fun 2nd ward was right? Even Brenda's familiar with some of the members because they're from the old Stockdale Ward. For the last month or so Brenda has been walking into church with my help. It has surprised some people who have not been kept up to date on Brenda's improvement. The best renuion happened after church when we were walking out to our car. Sister Jorgenson who was sitting in Bishop Davis' car stopped us and asked our names. I said, We're the Waite's." She asked which Waite do you belong to. I said, "My dad is Greg Waite." Then she asked what's your wife's name (meaning maiden name) I said, "She's a Sanchez." Then sister Davis leaned over to Sister Jorgenson and said, "She's Marilyn's daughter." They knew the Sanchez' from Stockdale Ward. Then sister Jorgenson said with a surprised look on her face, "Oh! You're the Cripple! I didn't recognize you." We smiled. "Yep."
We talked about it on the way home and laughed because I guess that's how "Old Timers" talk.
BTW, Brenda's not the cripple anymore. Here she is STANDING outside our house. Halleluia. (Big Smile)

Friday, October 19, 2007


As many of you guys know I am on Weight Watchers. This is my 7th week. That's commitment! I know. So far I've lost 20 lbs. Whoopee. Today I weighed in after a very indulgent long birthday weekend in Utah. I was hoping to only have gained 1 pound. To my surprise I actually lost weight. I lost 0.6 lbs to be exact. How much is that exactly you ask. It's as much as a Muttaqin Baby. Check it out.

Asian Mad Sky
Model: Sold Out.
Price: $27.00
Weight: 0.6lbs
Date Added: Tuesday 02 October, 2007

Cute I know...Sold out too Bad (sad face)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

How do you catch a Blog? When you catch one, what do you feed it?

I heard this noise outside my window last night. At first it was a faint whisper that I couldn't make out. Then it gradually got louder but was still incomprehensible. Finally it got loud enough and I understood what the voice was saying. Now I just wanted to know who said, "Get a blog."

It was Toby! OMGosh. I didn't know he knew what a Blog was!